Colour Stone Coated Steel Roof Tiles For Sale

Colour Stone Coated Steel Roof Tiles For Sale

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Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰500 pc

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Colour Stone Coated metal Roofing sheets is a new technology with a combination of Aluminum, Zinc, steel core and stone coating – known as Galvalume steel (Al-Zn). The before and after protective film treatment, coupled with high precision pressure – shaped gravel ensure the roof to be the best roofing material, Coated with an alloy compossed of Al – 55%, Zn- 43.4%, Si – 1.6%, with Non-toxic acrylic adhesive and natural stone. Colour stone coated metal Roof provides the advantages of long time strength, durability, and beauty

Coating layers of Colour Stone Coated Aluzinc Steel Roofing Tile:

The Roofing sheet is made up of eight coating layers which includes:

Clear acrylic over-glaze protective coating
Roofing Stone Coating
Adhesive basecoat
Protective surface coating
Aluminum/Zinc coating
Commercial grade steel core
Aluminum/Zinc coating
Protective surface coating

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Place of Origin: China

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